Our Mission

Annsworth Academy1. To provide a safe, enriched environment that is physically, emotionally and intellectually stimulating for the children in our care and to grow in our knowledge of children, their development, and our ability to meet their needs.

2. To provide the materials, compensation and support to foster a professional staff that will be happy, creative, and committed to quality early care and education.

3. To work together with parents to support children’s healthy development and learning.

4. To advocate for all children by:

  • Supporting parents in gaining parenting skills and knowledge of quality childcare and early childhood education.
  • Supporting preschool teachers in their quest for higher education, better compensation, and professional respect.
  • Supporting legislation that is beneficial to children, to parents, and to childcare providers and educators.
  • Supporting and sharing knowledge and expertise with other preschool teachers and childcare providers; attending and/or providing workshops as continuing education programs.