Our Curriculum

child2Annsworth Academy is an early childhood program providing a well-rounded educational and social environment specifically designed and developed for young children. Our curriculum draws from several sources including the ‘Creative Curriculum’, and ‘Beyond Centers and Circle Time’ to provide the philosophy and activities for a developmentally appropriate and fun-filled experience for the children. The ‘Annsworth Developmental Curriculum for Young Children’ also includes themes and activities that follow the seasons, nature, animals, holidays, and many other interesting topics about the world around us. Social interaction, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills are all incorporated in the program. Hands-on activities provide opportunities for concrete learning experiences in all areas of the children’s development. Our “B.E.S.T.” program for children in our 2 and 3 year old groups provides individualized attention to assist children in obtaining developmentally appropriate goals and milestones. Our special “Focus Groups” provide a unique environment for further exploration and experimentation in our 4 year old groups. The Annsworth Pre-Kindergarten program provides rich, developmentally-appropriate experiences that prepare children for a successful transition into Kindergarten and their future academic endeavors.

4Annsworth conducts assessments on children as an integral part of our program to support their learning and to provide an accurate picture of their interests, needs, abilities, and progress. A variety of methods are used such as observations, checklists, rating scales, individual portfolios, and individually administered assessments. All areas of the children’s development and learning, including cognitive skills, language, social-emotional development, approaches to learning, health, and physical development are taken into account. Additionally, the Pre-K teachers use a checklist of skills to assess each child within the first 30 days in Pre-Kindergarten. As the teachers evaluate each child’s progress and plan the developmentally appropriate curriculum each month, they set goals and assesses all of the children’s progress in four or five areas of learning. These “Monthly Goal” forms are copied for the parents, added to the child’s portfolio, and used to improve curriculum, adapt teaching practices and enhance the environment.

Our monthly goals are drawn from several sources, such as the ‘Creative Curriculum’, Florida Birth to Three Learning Developmental Standards, Florida School Readiness Performance Standards for Three, Four, and Five year old children, Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Standards, and the ‘Kindness Curriculum’. Our families are encouraged to work with their child to practice the goals and to share with the teachers their own observations about the results of the assessments. Parents are invited and encouraged to schedule conferences throughout the year to meet and plan with their child’s teacher. Improved communication and understanding between teachers and families is one of the many significant benefits derived from assessment.