Parent Testimonials

As a parent, Annsworth Academy made me feel confident that my children were receiving the best child care available outside of our home. It provided a safe and enriching learning environment for my children. My son and daughter LOVED going to Annsworth every day! It was that foundation of exploration and fun that helped them transition into elementary school and be successful learners. As a principal, I have not only seen the strong beginning literacy skills in my own two children, but also in the incoming Kindergarten students we get who are Annsworth Academy graduates. These students come in with such a positive outlook on their education and many are leaders in their classrooms. Our Kindergarten teachers comment each year on how well the Annsworth graduates are prepared for “big school.” Annsworth Academy is a caring, family-oriented childcare provider, and it is an asset to our community. It is preparing our children for a lifetime of success.

Michele C. Keltner
Principal, DeSoto Trail Elementary

When I became pregnant with my first child, I immediately began asking for references on quality child care programs. Annsworth Academy received rave reviews from my friends and I am so glad I listened. My son loved going to school at Annsworth and I knew I was leaving him with loving teachers who had a focus on academics. He blossomed at Annsworth and his Kindergarten year was a breeze. He has the foundation to succeed in elementary school and I owe much of that to the teachers at Annsworth Academy.

Brook Hallock
Chief Brand Officer

I really appreciate what Annsworth Academy has done for our family.  When we become custodial grandparents in our mid-fifties, Barbara and I did not know where to turn for child care. We were both working and you and your mother took us in and made childcare possible for our infant.  Alex had some behavior/adjustment issues. Annsworth accepted him and provided a loving home-away-from- home for him until he was accepted into the 3-year old pre-K program at Hawks Rise Elementary.  Annsworth Academy will always be remembered by our family as one of the best things to happen for us in a time of great need.  If you ever need help in anyway, just call me.

The Honorable Forrest Van Camp
Leon County School Board

Words truly cannot do justice to our feelings regarding Annsworth Academy!  When researching preschools, we were looking for a friendly, safe, and nurturing environment that would foster personal growth and a love of education.  The school has surpassed all our expectations and then some.  The Director and Administration are warm, inviting, and responsive, and show a level of experience and organization that is second to none.  Furthermore, the teachers and staff are personally invested in each child and always ensure they are happy, engaged, and excited to learn.

We did not know what to expect when we embarked on our first adventure with sending a child to school.  Our anxiety was immediately set aside when we saw how much our son loved everything about his experience.  He was always so excited to come home and tell us about his day, and still talks about his Annsworth Academy friends and “family.”  Then, along came our twin girls.  Given their prematurity and related issues, we were unsure how they might adapt to the educational environment.  However, after their first moments there, we knew that any worries we had were completely unfounded.  To see them now, you would never guess the myriad of challenges they had to endure during their first months of life.  They are exuberant, talkative, and healthy little girls who cannot wait to walk through their classroom door each and every morning!

We are so grateful to everyone at Annsworth Academy for the tremendous head start they have provided our children toward educational and personal success.  Our world is forever changed for the better because of this remarkable school and the gifts its people have shared with our family.

Drs. David & Krista Kahn
Parents of Ryan (5), Megan (2), & Ava (2)

As an alumni of Annsworth Academy, I am excited to have my child attend — as I can attribute a share of my success to the foundation laid through attending their original Killearn location many years ago and I see how much it is also influencing my child now. Following my year with the Academy, I entered public school, where I was immediately placed into advanced classes for reading and math — which carried through to the end of my K-12 education. Annsworth and the excellent instructor I had set a standard for me (supported by my parents throughout my education) that learning was an enjoyable experience that reaped its own rewards. Now, with a Master’s Degree and as Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs at a not-for-profit organization, I still share in that same passion for learning that all started decades ago.

I can honestly still say “thank you” to Annsworth and the team that were integral in assisting with getting my life off on the right foot, in the proper direction — and I can’t say enough about how much progress I see in my son, now that he is attending as a “legacy”.

Ben Browning
Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs